simple free program to resise your image before uploading

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simple free program to resise your image before uploading

Post by clik » Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:50 pm

For members wishing to resize there image before uploading to the forum there is a simple FREE program which i have used for years and if i can use it must be easy ;)
also don't be afraid to make this your default image program its just so good and clean and free .
This is the link to download the program .

once you have the program installed on your computer you will have a shortcut on your desktop open the program
go to top left of the page you will see a yellow file click this then go to the folder where you save your pictures
double click the photo you want to open and it will open up its that simple when the image is open all you need to do is go to the to top line click on image and a drop down box will open chose resize image and you can make it any size you want == To make it easy i always chose half size and save to desktop if i find its still to big i open the one on the desktop and make it half once more and over right the previous one and save to desktop this way you still have the original photo till you get the hang of it .

This is only a suggestion as a lot of members post some great photos that we cant really appreciate
if you need help send me a message only trying to help you guys that have some great photos but upload wallpaper

you can also type in to u tube for videos if you need help just type in to u-tube how to resize a image with .irfanview :idea:

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Re: simple free program to resise your image before uploadin

Post by SharkFinn » Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:34 am

Cheers Clik. Ok downloaded. Resized my old pics on the site. Done. Thanks mate

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