Nuda meet in Germany

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Re: Nuda meet in Germany

Post by Ironzie » Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:59 pm

I am looking forward to reading your ride report Mangala!

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Re: Nuda meet in Germany

Post by Zorg » Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:04 am

It was epic! Nuda Paradise. 30C, clean n smooth roads. Ingenius road engineering, why make a straight boring bit of road when you can liven it up! :lol:
The organisation is top notch, and at the end of our trip, me n Cobra88 got an unplanned trackday in the Nürburgring GP circuit. 8-)
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Re: Nuda meet in Germany

Post by brom » Thu Jun 11, 2015 2:04 pm

glad you got home safe, was really nice to meet you both, already waiting for next year :lol:

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Re: Nuda meet in Germany

Post by Zorg » Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:31 pm

Yeah, next year is on! 8-)
Btw, has somebody reduced the pixel allowance on here? I can't link a photobucket pic exceeding 1024pixels :(
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Re: Nuda meet in Germany

Post by Zorg » Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:16 pm

Built by craftsman, Tuned by experts, Riden by lunatics! :D

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Re: Nuda meet in Germany

Post by Faritan » Mon Jun 15, 2015 7:22 am

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Re: Nuda meet in Germany

Post by Mangala » Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:02 am

brom wrote:glad you got home safe, was really nice to meet you both, already waiting for next year :lol:
Thanks Brom, sorry we couldn't say personnel good bye to you guys, as we depart very early. Return journey was easier no rain. It was nice to meet you, Zorg and his friend too.
I think we turned the event international.

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Re: Nuda meet in Germany

Post by Mangala » Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:06 am

Ironzie wrote:I am looking forward to reading your ride report Mangala!
I am nearly complete my detail report, damn it has nearly 8 pages. Maybe moderators will not allow that much long report. I have to edit it again to make it sorter :)

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Re: Nuda meet in Germany

Post by Ironzie » Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:04 am

No don't edit mangala just drip feed us

Enjoying the pics

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Re: Nuda meet in Germany

Post by Mangala » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:20 pm

Here it is, The Nuda meet in Maierhof 1, Rattenberg, German 2015.

When Zorg inform about the event in forum, I have no idea to go there. But after reading all discussions going on about meeting, I was thinking should I go? I put forward the question to my wife Jaana. Saying to her, there is this kind of meeting and what is your idea? As she is a bike pillion freak, at once the answer came as, ‘yes of course we go’. Well I knew the answer beforehand.

I didn’t decide at once, but in the beginning it was like two more riders will join from Nordic and that gave some confidence to go. So I gave my word, saying I might join. Informed Faritan to book the hotel for us. Well what happen after all was, our two Nuda riders couldn’t make it due their own problems. Wish they could make it 2016.

In the beginning I was focusing for more riding the bike and ferry travel should be minimum at the same time make it within sort period. Planned itinerary;
Helsinki –> Turku –> Stockholm –> Trelleborg –> Rostock –> Rattenberg.

Helsinki - Turku -----------------172 Kms
Turku – Stockholm ---------------Ferry
Stockholm – Trelleborg ----------642 Kms
Trelleborg – Rostock --------------Ferry
Rostock – Rattenberg -------------753 Kms
One way 1567 Kms. So both ways 3134 Kms.
With added Kms from Nuda meet about 300+400+400+150=1250
3134+1250=4384 Total. My calculation is we covered 4630kms with extra kms out of the route.

Booked the ferries as much possible way to make it within two days.

Before the trip, I contacted Faritan (Markus) and ask the possibilities to change Nudas’ tires. 5200 kms on stock M5 and will be nearly 7000 kms in German. I should replace them with new and I preferred PR4. Markus was very helpful and everything arranged for new tires with good price :) .

Everything seems to be good and goes according to plan. Anyhow it was 10 days trip for us.

31.05.2015 Sunday - Helsinki - Turku

Ship will leave at 2000hrs so we left home about 1600hrs. After 2 Kms, Jaana realize she forgot the gel seat pads. Turn back home and collect it, again hit the road. After 6 Kms, It was me, who forgot cash I kept for tires. Back home again, collect the cash and hit the road 3rd time. The third time attempt seems to be ok and going on. After 15 Kms this time, I saw a bike look like Nuda is riding few hundred meters ahead of us. I was thinking is it Nuda? Speed up and catch it. Surprise, guess who is the rider? Sharkfinn. That’s why I was sent back home two times by nature :) :) . Nice meet and stop by roadside for few word exchanged and head towards Turku.

Sun shine all the way. Came to Turku on time and board on Vikingline ship to Stockholm.

01.06.2015 Monday - Stockholm - Trelleborg

Arrived in Stockholm 0630hrs. Nice to know it’s raining out there. 0730Hrs stops for breakfast and hit back the road heading to Trelleborg. We stops every 100kms and fill the tank to make sure that, unnecessary hassle will not arise with fuel and we should be in Trelleborg at 2100hrs to checking for Rostock ship. Well, we have enough time.

When we reach Huskvarna, Jönköping, I was thinking, are we going to Husqvarna museum or not. We stops for fuel and museum is just 2kms away. So we decided to go. They have plenty of collection of old Husqvarnas or all bikes from year 1903. All bikes are in my camera now and any one need them pm me ☺. It was really nice visit and I placed Nuda infront of the museum took pictures. Visitors were curious to know about Nuda 900 R and they have many questions. Specially from old chaps.

It was raining about 150 Kms from Stockholm towards Trelleborg. Wind was against us and that makes ride very hard. I have to keep handle bar steady to stop fly away from the road.

Arrived in Trelleborg at 2000hrs. Stenaline ship left 2245 hrs to Rostock.

02.06.2015 Tuesday - Rostock – Maierhof, Rattenberg

Arrived in Rostock at 0615hrs. Long way to go but no hurry. Maierhof Dilger hotel room will wait for us. First 400 Kms by autobahn were ok. We stopped every 100 kms for fueling, eat and drinks in between. After Leipzig, Nuda comfort seat start to give us real pain :( . We have to stop every 50 kms and get rest now. Last leg we have to stops every 20 or 30 kms to get butt rest :lol: . Jaana start hating herself about stops but I knew it was seat. I don’t think no one will survives with this much of Kms within sort period. I knew the answer is SW Motech Airhawk, at least we should give a try. But we already passed Leipzig where, bike shop has the one.

All pain was gone when we arrived to Rattenberg and get in to the hotel. So we entered and said ‘‘ We are from Finland and for Nuda meeting, We have reserved room here’’. Reception girl was in panicked mood and said ‘’wait a moment’’ and vanished. Then came owner of the hotel and said this is not the correct hotel and gave the area map and directions to Maierhof 1, saying it’s his brothers’ hotel. Jaana was asking how many Kms to go again? Pain is back :o . Anyhow it was about 10 kms and finally we arrived in Maierhof 1 Dilger the correct hotel.

Jaanas’ sister and husband who came by camper van from Scotland already there. Hotel gave them permission to park the camper in their yard after we request.

There we met our first Nuda rider friends. Klaus and his son. Klaus said he bought the leather kit from Waynus. They explained what is our next day plan. Tire change and find SW Mo tech Air hawk seat.

Hotel looks great and very friendly staff. Family business. Big enough park for bikes and event. Very pleasant environment, surround by mountains. Warm weather. Real biking environment feel. Big garage for park bikes at night. There is antique tractor collection inside the garage.

03.06.2015 Wednesday Tire change and Louis shop

At 0830hrs we left by our bikes. Two Nuda R and one standard. They refused to go by autobahn and choose all B type twistee roads. I soon realize why so, the roads are fantastic for bikers.
We met James at service place, he brought my new PR4 tires (235€) and after change we head back to hotel. I clocked 6200kms with stock M5 and new PR4 gives good feeling too. I noticed they are stickier than M5 in the corners. Well I have no problem with M5 too, only thing you have to careful within couple of minutes to get tires warm up.

I have to say here, James and Klaus helped a lot and thanks to Markus for coordinate. James expressed his respect for our trip from Finland saying it is real hard within two days.

After we came back to hotel Klaus said they found Louis shop where air hawk seat available and Jaana was requesting to buy it and refusing to get on bike without it. So we went to the place and bought it. Shop is really interesting place and you will get everything you need for your bike and yourself too. Back to hotel and counted nearly 270Kms for the day. New PR 4s already seasoned. When we came back about 20 bikers already arrived.

Zorg, his friend Rick and Brom were there from 900nuda forum, making the event international.

04.06.2015 Thursday - Ride with Nuda groups

Started the day at 0930hrs. More than 50 bikes. Two groups. Fast group and slow group. Start all bikes at one time and roaring sound says here we come. Fast group left first with lead by James and slow group left behind them with lead Markus. I left with slow group alone, Jaana stayed in hotel and she was resting further :) .

We tanked the bikes by near station and hit the road. Slow group? How slow they are? Mmm…. 80-140kph in twistee roads. That was the speed of slow group. Think about fast group speed.

Both bike groups used same road and had lunch together, where nearly 50 bikes were parked in roadside and make other bikers too interested. Imagine same brand and same looking bikes were riding together and parked together. Even they are same brand every bike has their own modifications and different look in some way. People were really curious to check what is this. It was not enough 5 days to examine all bikes modifications.

Most interesting thing is, people from villages reactions, when they heard and see the bikers. They are not offensive at all. People were smiling and waving hands with welcome feelings.

So after lunch, I decided to go with fast group back to hotel. Have to say they were faster and more aggressive in corners. Zorg was in forth or fifth inline and I was may be in seventh or eight. It was like exercising; when corner comes riders come into one line and after, you split up again back to sides and repeating the same continuously.

Both groups were real fun ride and enjoyed. We used all kind of roads, even gravel roads for reach to other end of the roads or cut sort the distances. Roads were nicely engineered with corners, well maintained and no police to restrict your speed. Really I haven’t seen any police car or bike in all those rides.

Leaders gave good lead to both group, they were very busy with traffic stoppings and clear the crosses and changing themselves accordingly and so on. We were so gentle when we meet horse riders, we were slowdown and some time we stops engines too, for them to pass by.

With my sort memory we came back to hotel about 1600 or 1700 hrs. Dinner started at 2000hrs. Time used for short chat and mix up.

Jan, who is one of main organizer, announced that we will visit Zupin next day (04.06.2015) and we will leave 0830hrs. There will be TV crew to film us for documentary.

05.06.2015 Friday - Zupin with Nuda spirit

Around 0900hrs depart from hotel by two groups as usual. It was again twistee roads and more bikers than 04th. It was about 170 kms ride to Zupin. We made formation of two riders near by Zupin and rode to there premises. It was huge event for them also. TV crew were there filming us for Bavarian TV. CEO of the Zupin and all staff were there to welcome Nuda riders.

After introduced ourselves to Zupin staff, we were invited to have refreshments, drinks and soup prepared for Nuda riders.

Zupin CEO Josef Zupin made welcome speech and announce all products will be half price from today onward and free model M1:12 Nuda 900 R for every Nuda rider. He was really happy with Nuda visit and seems overjoyed the presence of Nuda collection. Jan performed action for film crew to record how his feelings when he see the Zupin moto sport store. Funny way and making all laugh. You all see it on the video.

Happy Nuda riders roamed in to Zupin display store to buy things they were waiting. I have no chance to buy heavy things as my carry on space very limited. My interest goes for Husqvarna limited edition chronograph watch, made only 1000 pcs. 199€ retail and 99€ sale price. Ordered one and got #148 watch. Jaana took Husqvarna riding jacket 140€ retail and 70€ sale price.

Guess what happen next? While we were waiting to pay at cashier, Jan came with Zupin manager and introduced us to him. He said they are very impressed with our effort and came long way from Finland to attend for the meeting, they would like to offer us a gift from Zupin store. So he asked us to choose anything from the store and it will be free. But not a bike :lol: . What a surprise. We were totally confused :o :shock: :o :? . Question came at once was, anything will be free and what we gonna take? Jaana said we could take some key tag or small sticker. No, take some valuable thing he replied. Then he turned and took jacket from Jaana and asked me, what is your item going to pay? I was waiting to pay for Husqvarna watch. He went to cashier and took it, handed over them to us saying, both items free for you. Zupin CEO Josef Zupin also at the scenes and said they are really appreciate our travel from Finland to German and glad that they have chance to make us happy too. What else anyone can expect? We are still talking, that some people really took in to account our effort to participate the event and express it in very surprised way.

After our shopping and lunch at Zupin, CEO Josef took all riders who interest to visit inside the complex and explained how they are operate the complex. Display store, repairing floor, delivery system, Öhlin spring repair section and bike collection area. He said they bought all Nudas remained in Italy and they have now about 12 Nudas for sale. Last Nudas, who could buy as brand new are only from Zupin.

We spent about 3-4 hrs in Zupin and meanwhile they gave Husqvarana bikes to test ride for our riders too. They have nice collection of Nuda 900 off road version with blue and white color combination. Have to say, they are real nice looking and tempting.

So after happy shopping and mix up, we were ready to head back Maierhof. Say good bye to Zupin and they expect Nuda meet to visit next year too.

On our way back, We had to collect 3 riders who missed their fast group and lost the way and we had problem with one bike with radiator overheat. While we were waiting for that bike to reach us, Brom came and said they all dead. Yaa all dead and he will go back and collect them :lol: :lol: . Funny Brom went back and came with them in live :lol: :lol: :lol: .
We were back to hotel about 1800hrs after all delays and waits. But it was not bothering at all. We had always our riding spirits and fun situation all the time.

Hotel dinner prepared outside grill we got together and talk outside. It was nice to see around and all were in similar attitude and spirit within their group activities.

Jan informed tomorrow plan is sort rides and fun competitions with price awards. They arrange donation for charity and collection box is Nuda shaped box.

06.06.2015 Saturday - Fun competitions, award ceremony and goodbye

I decided to take rest today for next two days riding and Jaana is very happy with air hawk and strictly recommending pillion riders who are going for long ride to have SW Mo tech air hawk.

Nuda riders left around 0900hrs for sort rides and heard the roaring sound around the hotel near by roads.
We took sort ride with Jaanas sister and Martin for swimming near by lake and after they started their journey back to UK. We visited near by place called WALD WIPFEL WEG, is walking path over the trees on concrete polls high up to 30 meters.

Came back to hotel and washed the bike with other riders to prepare them for fun competitions. Best sound, slow ride on designed trac, coolest bike, beautiful bike, unusual modification, iron butt (my name on it from the beginning) no competitors other than me and Zorg. So already won 1 st and 2nd places by
It begun in the evening gathers all riders. It was fun factor competitions.

We lined up all Nudas for pictures and drone video. Bikers were stand beside of their Nudas and waving, horning, started engines and roaring makes unexplainable feelings. To get that feel, you have to be there in 2016.

Collected charity donation was 2500€.

Specially designed Nuda rear wheel trophy endorsed by riders signatures for Hotel Dilger Maierhof. That makes them cry with happiness.

Coolest bike award goes to #88. We all know who is he, Simonrip in our forum member too.

Beautiful bike award goes to #70 or I can’t remember actually.

Best sound, 1st place grab by Zorg with his modified and nicely decorated pipes (by ironzie?, how much you will charge to make mine too same gorgeous way?)Nice looking pipes, with akra deep sound. Well I got the second place behind 9db only with all standard R system. Girls gave more likes to my stock exhaust sound. So, both places won by Man, award is so heavy glass and marble. How I’m gonna carry this one all the way back? :o

I told them, We are so happy to be here and thanks them for giving us the opportunity to took part the event. Sorry to wake them up tomorrow early 0530 hrs with my 2nd best sound Nuda :lol: :lol: .

We said advance goodbye to all. Brom was saying ‘’ wait a minute, if you don’t come for next year I could get the 2nd place’’ :idea: :lol: .

After 5 days of sunny weather sky start to gather clouds and soon it will cry down.

07.06.2015 Sunday - Rattenberg to Rostock

Yes, I woke around 0130hrs midnight and realize its raining, lightning, thundering. Hell we have to leave after 4 hrs. Are we going to swim back to Rostock with bike? :roll: Fell asleep again and at 0430hrs. Rain stops and roads were getting dry. Surprise :o . Got ready and hit the road about 0545hrs. Cloudy weather, wind behind, cold but nice felling for ride.

First stop came after 20 kms with Jaana start to complain about heavy backpack. Change some heavy stuff to tank bag and few arrangements, good to go. Next stop was after 80kms for breakfast. Thanks to air hawk, no complain and last leg to Rostock straight 122kms non stop. Arrived 2 hrs earlier. :D

Weather was cloudy and time-to-time not noticeable raindrops. Few times it was rain before and road was bit wet. Luckily we didn’t get wet this time.

One accident on autobahn make 30 minuts traffic stop. We rode through traffic and reach the accident scene. It was scooter type bike and car accident. They airlifted casualties. I passed many old scooter riders on our way, I think they too were in some kind of meeting or gather of same kind of scooters. Accident scooter was hit by car behind and burnt whole back part. Wish motorist will survives his injuries. I noticed in autobahn, most drivers changing the line unnecessarily. They can see front vehicle in right lane is slower than their speed, still they change the line to right and go behind slow vehicle. When close by very sort time, again coming back to left line. Making it like snake ride. Why they can’t stay in left line longer and pass the slow vehicle, then change to right line?

Board on the ship, we are the only bikers from Rostock to Trelleborg.

08.06.2015 Monday – Trelleborg - Stockholm

Out from the ship at about 0630hrs. Riding got easier now. Wind behind us and speed is average 120-140kph. Not much to say not much stops too. Sunny weather. Every 100 kms or 130kms stops for fueling. Last leg was 143kms non-stop ride. Thanks to air hawk, no complain. :D

Reached Stockholm about 1700hrs. 3 hrs before departing time. There were more than 25 bikers on board towards Turku. Departed at 2000hrs.

09.06.2015 Tuesday – Turku to Helsinki

Arrived Turku 0630hrs. Got ready and down to vehicle deck.

When the vehicles start to move, I started the Nuda for warm-up. One old biker from big group came and said kill the engine. I thought it’s too early to start the engine and stopped the engine. Jaana was complaining that rider called me idiot in Swedish and he didn’t hear other Harley too start the engine, but he looks like annoyed with Nuda sound?????? :evil: :evil: :evil: WHAT??? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: So I started the Nuda again and give some roar too :lol: :lol: :lol: . Guy at once turned and said kill the engine. My return was, Why? Are you allergic to bike sound? Go buy a pushbike and push it in village gravel roads. :evil: Jaana started scolding him by Swedish, which I don’t understand, but other one understood. Eventually, he didn’t get any support from his fellow riders and stop his unnecessary hassle. I was all the time roaring the Nuda. 2nd best sound winner, imagine how it roared in side ship. I wasn’t angry but it was unnecessary incident triggered by older idiot. Ohh I got it, only ladies are like Nuda sound. Well its gone. He may be think twice again before trying to rule other bikers without any reason.
Well after all, we stopped for breakfast after 20kms. Hit the road back and came home around 0930hrs. 152kms. Non-stop. Thanks to air hawk, only complain was slow speed in Finland highway. Jaana was asking all the time is it 120kph? I feel bike is going too slow, she said. That’s what happened, when you used to be over 130-140kph few days. I have to place positive review in Louis site on air hawk. :D :D


The whole trip gave us remarkable memory to our life. Thanks to all organizers, James, Jan, Markus, others too, sorry I don’t know the names to mention here but faces are in my mind. Klaus and his Son for helping us.

Event was organized very well and everyone enjoyed every moment spent there.

I wrote this report by memory, no sort notes or no any support materials. If there is something wrong or missing, Faritan, Brom, Zorg feel free to notice me or edit. I appreciate if you find something and correct me. Specially with names, places and timings etc.,

Hotel Maierhof Dilger gave their best services to the event to be success. Food, service, clean and nice environment is great. When you need their service, they are near you with smile. No need to wait for hours to get your drinks or orders. Brilliant service. Friendly staffs. No complains only recommends.

Finally I should thank my wife Jaana to push me all time to attend for the meeting and erasing all my negative reasons not to go. Hanging behind me even 172kph on autobahn.

I wish more riders will attend 2016 meeting and make it more international.

I have thousands of pictures from meet. I will select few and post them soon .

Safe ride!!!

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