Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

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Re: Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

Post by Waynus » Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:48 pm

Great stories !!! Thanks for taking the efforts to share them with us.
I hereby swear to almighty Goddess Nuda that I will ride her as hard as I can and have all things needed to keep her running in peak form taking me to new heights everyday. Amen.

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Re: Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

Post by SharkFinn » Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:48 am

Ironzie mate - great stories and a nice read. You and your mate riding together sounds cool...your mate is fast becoming a legend :-) Thank you for the blog and well you know - cheers mate

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Re: Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

Post by Ironzie » Thu Jun 02, 2016 4:06 pm

Ok so the barrier sprung up and i pulled a handful of throttle but shut it off just a quick,i wasn't sure what was going but on the right hand side just up a bit was a red 911 track car with its indicator on and all the cars were filing in behind it but then i thought i didn't pay 29euro do do a sighting lap behind a line of cars! Just as i pinned the throttle again  one of the cars pulled out of the line and did the same as me and i was off ,tbh  the car cleared off in a couple of corners as i was trying to calm myself and take things steady for a few corners at least. About 6 or 8 corners in or so it seems i went to tip into a left hander when all of a sudden there was white bumper and bonnet!!!! This Honda with wings all over it nearly took me out but he swerved out of my way and drove straight over the herb, i could hear the thud and the car lifted into the air,i suppose it was my fault as i hadn't been watching my mirrors but it was a wake up call that stood me well for the rest of the lap (if only i had listened to that guy in the car park) few corners later my nerves settled and and i started to feel my boots touching the track then i started to make sense of the advise , advise number 2 (red and white kerbs)  the painted kerbs were there to mark the entry and apex points and really helped because i wasn't blind anymore

Im not used to riding at this speed I've never done a proper track day before but before i knew it i was passing cars (ordinary cars )and bikes like a gud un and checking my mirrors what seemed like every two seconds infact because of how i was sitting further forward i had to adjust my mirrors upwards

Wow yellow 911 flat out!! Incoming!! Yellow all over my mirrors, advise number 3, indicate and pullover to the right ,white 911! Pull over then the red 911 that i had seen at the start was appearing in my mirrors but he wasn't much faster than me so i made him work for it then, SHIT! It had been raining over on this part of the track and i just backed  right off ,all the bikes were touring now and i thought that was my lap over but soon after track was dry again and i was flat out (well flat out for me) Blue subaru impreza incoming! But again not going much faster than me ,me and this guy had a blast ,he was showing me blue paint but giving me respect ,my pegs were dragging round these fast corners and the titanium sparks would have been flying and then on a straight i pulled to the right and waved him past and slipped in behind him ,he flashed his hazards ,that car was rolling and sliding with that boxer engine noise was really fantastic ,we came into this kinda banked corner with  big concrete section on the inside and a marshal was waving a yellow flag and on the next corner a guy on a yamaha R1 had highsided (i heard later) he was standing at the side of the track holding his wrist with clenched teeth am sure he broke his wrist I've seen broken bones face plenty ,then before i knew it i was charging down a straight with flashing lights at the end and my lap was done

Was it worth 29euro? ,that feeling of excitement can't be bought ,it was totally fantastic . As i rode back off the track i was blipping nuda like id just won  something and who was the first person i looked at? The English guy who gave me the lecture haha ,he said well done mate look at the smile on your face ,i will never forget the "ring"

For whatever reason nuda was spewing coolant over the engine so I'll have to look into that

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Re: Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

Post by durobra » Thu Jun 02, 2016 4:18 pm

HaHa.........nice one :D

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Re: Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

Post by Zorg » Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:21 pm

Yeah. Always the lefties are the most dangerous. When the track was state owned it was 8DM=£2.50. The concrete banked area is "The Karussel" :D Glad you made it! Get the Nurburgring sticker on ya bike!
Built by craftsman, Tuned by experts, Riden by lunatics! :D

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Re: Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

Post by clik » Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:38 pm

The more updates I read the more I think your profile name should be Duracell Man :lol:
You just don't give in or take a break good on you ;)

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Re: Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

Post by Ironzie » Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:15 pm

Genuinely guys I appreciate your replies, thank you

After my nurburgring lap we drove off to find a section of the track close to the road and make dinner ,there had been some race that previous weekend and it was the first time in Germany that I had seen rubbish laying on the ground , I got the stove out and made pasta as the cars roared past Dave with a big smile on his face telling me what car and engine was in er

It was a beautiful sunny evening now we went looking for somewhere to camp preferably a campsite as we hadn't been washed in 3dsys and my feet were getting soar ,funny how we all shower religiously everyday and the thought of missing a shower is a no no but tbh after 10 days of irregularly washing you become accustomed to missing the shower and don't even think about it

I said to Dave let's get far enough away from the ring and then set the satnav for a campsite or hotel ,after two failed hotel and one campsite attempts we were following another campsite sign ,every road we were taking was fantastic and empty we were in Eifel

Our progress was stopped once again by road works so I got off my bike to access the situation, I made eye contact with some guy in his driveway and i wanted to ask him for directions to the campsite around the roadworks ,I have really bad social awkwardness but now we wasn't the time for that so I just walked up his driveway and said "hello,do you speak English " this was a cool middle aged guy with his swept back rocker hair and ear ring ,smoking of course, he said "a little" I asked for directions to the campsite and he looked at his two hands and pointed back the way we came and said "left ,left" looked at his right hand and said "right " then he paused shook his head in frustration spoke some German ,I said your doing great I only know eins zwei drei in German and he burst out laughing, he kept pointing his hand forward talking in German and I said "straight ahead"? Yes yes straight ahead he said and laughter again ,I gave him a fist pump to the arm ,thanked him and we were under way

This was a brilliant camp\caravan site but it was late and reception was closed . this kid about 14-15 on a bmx came straight over and I asked do you speak English he shook his head ,he started talking German but I knew this young lad had some mental problems and then he just sat on his bike and stared at me haha he then got off his bike went over to the reception door and pointed to a small mobile number ,I thanked him very much and in 5 mins a really nice German lady was booking us in for one night ,about 15 euro each absolute bargan ,best shower block I have ever seen at any campsite .I got Dave to save this site in his satnav favourites so if your in Eifel and need a campsite contact me and I will give you the coordinates

The next morning I woke early to the patter of rain on my tent, blast! By the time we packed up and were on the road the rain was bouncing and I knew it was gonna be an A to B day which was a shame because I wanted to see Bruges in Belgium

I gave dave-nav the name of a town in Belgium near the French border and when we got there hopefully the rain would have eased ,ha eased ! Worst ever....

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Re: Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

Post by Ironzie » Sat Jun 04, 2016 9:12 pm

That now familiar but dreaded feeling of water soaking in around my neck was beginning again and instantly my suspension was getting busy, the highway infrastructure around me looked tired so I guessed we had just crossed the border into Belgium

I knew there and then me n Dave's euro trip was at an end, we had one more day planed but I wasn't hanging around any longer in this awful weather, at one point on that highway through Belgium the road surface was jet black and the water just lay on the surface, as we passed trucks and lorry's the spray from their wheels was incredible it was the worst driving conditions ever

Dave made the momentous decision to pull into a truck stop for a break and the rain eased as we made some coffee and eat the rest of our bread and cheese, it was quite bleak really

Dave-nav was now set for calais and soon enough we saw the signs for the ferry ,as we drove up to the terminal to pay for our ticket I looked across as couldn't believe what I was looking at ,it was massive ,a mess of intertwined tarpaulins and make shift shelters ,there was razor wire all over the fences ,so was this the jungle.

I was wet and looking to get home now but I felt so bad for these people scratching around in that mess , her I was playing around Europe with my toy and these people were living like this ok so these mostly young men are economic asylum seekers but it was a shock to see in the flesh

This situation should never have been allowed to happen and I personally don't balme those young men trying for a better life but I couldn't help but think we as a country (UK) need to stop fu#£%ng around and turning other people's country's upside down and start getting serious about securing our borders because if the border was secure these boys wouldn't be laying in this squalor hoping to sneak through ohh and get Tony Blair in the Haig........ ok ok I'm gonna end that there

As we rolled up to the front of lane 300ish there was two motorcyclists sitting there and we got to talking, they should have been on the earlier ferry but bike problems delayed them, I heard them say to Dave they were at nurburgring! I said I was talking to and English guy who gave me advise there and guess what he was part of their party ha small world ,think his name was Ken

We got off the ferry in Dover and headed for the Holyhead ferry in Wales but it was around 350miles so we would just ride into the night and see what would happen, around 11pm after we refuled I said to Dave "look I'm beat we need to make camp" so after getting back on the highway I pulled of at the first junction and started looking for somewhere to pitch our tents .now, I am getting quite good at finding bush camping spots but I could tell by how the farmers fields had gates on them with reinforced metal and wire so I knew it might be tough this time .the area had big houses around and I didn't want us drawing any unwanted attention ,then I saw a wooden barrier! We have this type of barrier at home usually the entrance to a local walking park or the like , instantly I wedged nuda between the barrier and drove into a lovely wood perfect for camping .I waited on Dave but he just on the road with the indicator flashing and I got a bit mad ,I shout "Dave get in before someone sees us" and after getting his luggage bags stuck we had our home for the night ,perfect!

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Re: Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

Post by Ironzie » Sat Jun 04, 2016 9:17 pm

We covered our bikes with our camo tarpaulins
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Re: Dumb and dumber ride to the nuda meet (the long way)

Post by Haitek1 » Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:25 am

Haha, love the last picture. Nice reading once again.

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